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Harnessing the Vibrant Energy of the Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox is a chance to celebrate and harness the vibrant, fresh energy that is bursts through as this season announces its arrival. The days are equal length as the sun is coming to the midpoint in its journey from north to south. It is a time of balance and renewal.

In ancient English folklore the story is told of the goddess Ostara who originates from the German goddess Oestra whose role is to awaken after the winter and bring in the spring. As the story goes; one year she woke up late and, as a consequence found a little bird who was dying of the cold. To make up for his suffering she blew on him and turned him into a hare. The hare was happy with his new form but also upset as it could no longer do the things it used to as a bird. Ostara then granted him the power to be able to fly and lay eggs once a year at the time of the Spring Equinox. This is where we get the tradition of the Easter Bunny and why eggs feature so much at Easter. The hare represents fertility and abundance, the hare being an animal that can actually fall pregnant whilst it is pregnant! The egg represents all potential, new life and represents both the masculine and the feminine. These symbols encompass the power and energy that spring brings. So; it is time to enjoy the magic of the season, spring into action and make your celebration full of life and joy.

This year it falls on the 20th of March and is traditionally celebrated until the following full moon (6th April). So get your spring cleaning done, put your glad rags on and celebrate the life force that is bursting through, it's time to take action on your dreams! There are so many ways to mark this special occasion whilst embracing your life and feeding all that you choose to create this year.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Cleanse – yourself and your environment (spring clean in & out!)

  • Pastel colours in particular represent this turning point – green, yellow, pink, purple, orange – dress in them , decorate the house in them, eat them...

  • Plant seeds (your veg, flowers and your intentions)

  • Egg hunts

  • Burn floral or citrus oils and incenses

  • Re-decorate you house

  • Create an altar – spring flowers, pictures, statues, painted eggs, seeds, symbols of what you want to grow this year.

  • Bake hot cross buns (representing the wheel of life and the four seasons), cakes and pancakes with lemon and lavender, bread and of course eggs any way you want them!

  • Also - soups, leafy greens , herbs

  • Be outside as much as possible, sit with trees connect with nature.

  • On the day of the equinox, light a fire at dawn, dance sing, write a poem

  • tune in and make up your own ritual - it is your intention that counts!

Happy Spring Equinox 🌿✨

May your intentions blossom and flourish in the months ahead!

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