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Natures Rhythms October Update - Letting Go Of Old Stories 🍁

The golden season is upon us, a time to gather the treasures that enhance our lives and, like nature, let go of anything that isn't serving us. Time to make space to rest before creating anew.

Join us for our monthly natures rhythms update as we tap into the cyclical energy of the seasons with a short talk, life coaching exercise and somatic practice. Get clear on what action or change you want to make in your life and align your mind and your body with this simple daily practice.

A prompt for your notebook: What is blocking you from living your life to its fullest potential? What habits beliefs and behaviours are in your way? What old stories do you tell yourself that keep you stuck in the same patterns?

P.S. Our life and wellbeing coaching membership closes at 10pm on Tuesday 5th October! A place where we dive ever deeper into the energy of the seasons to support us in creating our Handpicked Life. There's still time to sign up before we close our doors until 2022!

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