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Working With The Magic of Autumn - The season of transformation 🍂✨

The golden season is upon us, a time to gather the treasures that enhance our lives and, like nature, let go of anything that isn't serving us. Time to make space to rest before creating anew or building on what we have created. This magical season has a gentle quality as it gracefully lets go of the old in a flurry of beauty and colour. It always strikes me that there is a clear and confident shedding, not a sense of rejection or running away. What is no longer necessary is confidently sent to decompose and provide nutrients for the new to grow in.

The time of life represented by Autumn is the elder. A time of reflection and evaluation, giving back our gifts, forgiveness and completion as we transition towards the end of the cycle and the beginning of a new one with a clear heart and all the wiser. It's the time of the last quarter in the moon cycle and sunset in our circadian rhythms.

Its important to note that when you start to tap into the energy of the seasons to support you in Handpicking your life, there are no absolutes. Just like nature, there are cycles within cycles happening simultaneously all around us. It may be that you are in full swing with a project right now (represented by summer) or about to start something new (spring), wherever you are, its important to honour the energy that is right for you at this time. However knowing the unique support of the season is available for you to harness, you can refine and enhance however you are living right now. Beliefs, attitudes and habits can always be be reflected on and loose ends tied up.

I love this time of year. The mist in the early morning, the chill in the air, the fruits and berries on the trees and hedgerows shouting to be harvested. Everything suggests that change is inevitable and that, along with the natural feelings of grief and sadness, life is also glorious and abundant. Enjoy these magical days and be gentle on yourself. Reflection isn't about beating yourself up, its about getting clear on what's not serving you and acknowledging that you have to power to make a different choice. Even if that is just choosing to respond in a different way.

See this as a time to pause and allow yourself space to reflect and acknowledge, there will be a time to act and often the feeling that we have to act on something straight away stops us doing anything in the first place. If you stay connected to this stage and see it through there will be a time to shed and let go, a time to pause, nourish and get clear on what you are replacing it with. When we follow these steps and allow this to take place, taking action will feel exciting and expansive and you will have the energy to see you through.

Wishing you a peaceful and transformative Autumn season!

P.S. There's still time to join us in our A Handpicked Life Membership before we close next week to create a container as we journey as a community through the autumn season. Join us as we get clear on what no longer serves us, let go of old stories and ground in and embody change with regular, varied somatic practices!

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