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How To Transform Fear Into Courage (And create a life you love) | February Natures Rhythms Update ❄

Join us in Februarys Natures Rhythms update as we learn how to transform fear into courage so you can stay on track to creating a life you love with a simple yet powerful combination of life coaching and somatic practices.

As we pass mid winter and the lowest point of an energetic cycle, energy slowly begins to stir under the earth and momentum gradually begins to build. This is not a time to act but a time to continue to nourish, nurture, get clear and to transform any fear we have into courage which will feed a natural surge of action when the time is right.

In this video learn how to align your mind body and energetic system with a simple daily practice. Giving you the balance, motivation and energy to see your intentions and dreams through in 2022.

Free Course: Tapping Into Natures Rhythms -

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